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PIP Allergy Free - Препарат против алергии - Ecocleaner

PIP Allergy Free


Probiotic cleaning spray against dust mites and allergies caused by them

200 мл.

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За PIP Allergy Free

PIP Sanitary Cleaner is a versatile cleaner enriched with probiotic

bacteria, strongly concentrated and with a long-lasting effect on dirt and grime. It cleans and removes unpleasant odors quickly and thoroughly, and creates a stable and healthy microbial environment on any surface, which in most cases makes disinfection unnecessary. It is safe for all washable surfaces, skin and clothing, removes unpleasant odors. Pleasant-smelling and biodegradable product.

Dilution: 1-5%  (1% =10 ml in 1 L warm water).

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PIP Allergy Free
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