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Disinfectant Economic


For disinfection of surfaces in health institutions and hospitals, food production and sale facilities, public facilities (schools, kindergartens), medical and dental instruments and tools. Mould (fungi) removal. Chlorine free. Concentrated product.

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За Disinfectant Economic

A biocide product with bactericidal, fungicidal and partly virucidal  (viruses with viral envelope, incl. HBV and HIV) and algicidal action with the following areas of application:

Disinfection in health institutions and hospitals of all types of surfaces (walls, floors, furniture); surfaces and equipment in kitchens; WC and surfaces an sanitary premises; disinfection of medical and dental instruments and tools after their use and before sterilization.

Dilution: 1% – 5 min. exposure (10ml biocide/1 L water)
Disinfection of crates for storage of fruits and potato seedlings, storage and warehousing premises; potato picking machines, potato seedling transportation machines; algae removal from surfaces (walls, floors, garden furniture) in green houses and homes: Dilution: 4-6% -5 min. exposure

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